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Tech Kisima Welcomes you to the automation world.

Existing softwares can be integrated with new systems/services like payment gateways, SMS and other functionalities in order to share data in real-time which in turn improves on customer service.

So far we have integrated with QuickBooks, Sage Evolution, Google Drive and Sheets, Zoho books, Zoho desk, Custom POS, DPO , M-Pesa , local Banks, Tally, Oracle, Sales Force SMS gateways among others.

Our Awesome Portfolio

Products & Services

We have some custom solutions built in house as well as integrations , development and advertisement services.


1. Real Estate CRM System

2. Online offer letter

3. Debt reminder automation

4. Birthday SMS automation

5. Welcome SMS automation

6. Ajibika For Schools, SMEs and Hospitality industry

7. City council automatic toilet system (send daily report of entries and uses bio-metric to allow access)

8. Bulk SMS

9. Digital receipts

10. Whatsapp Chatbot


1. M-Pesa integration

2. Loyalty/Reward programs ( Airtime, Tokens and Coupons)

3. Google Drive and Sheets (Gsuite)

4. Sage Pastel , Quick Books , Tally, POS systems M-Pesa and Banks integration for easy reconciliation

5. SMS integration with POS, Zoho desk , zoho books and zoho CRM among other systems

6. M-Pesa and Banks integration with Zoho Books and Zoho commerce

7. M-Pesa integration with woo commerce


1. Bio-metric door access control and time attendance installation

2. Facebook , Google ppc Ads campaigns creation and optimization

3. Website development and integration with payment

4. On premise server setup with ESxi

5. Local file backup Server Setup (Samba)

6. Scheduled data backup to cloud for systems like ( Quickbooks desktop , Sage Evolution, custom POS solutions)

7. CCTV systems with mobile phone monitoring

8. USSD codes development and sale


8. Electric fencing & razor wires

9. Gsuite setup and administration

10. Automated gates with remote control operation

11. Fire alarms and equipments

12. LAN setup

13. Automatic entrance barriers, spikes and bollards

14. Automatic and manual alarms with SMS notifications

15. Automatic and manual alarms with SMS notifications

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