Our Story

We believe in automating the most redundant tasks and creating more time for humans to come up with better ideas and engage in less redudant tasks. We work both remotely and on premise and our focus is integrating already existing applications so that they share data in real time.

Companies large and small need more time for research and growth and redundant tasks take alot of time for most employees, we therefore develop bridges to help reduce on the same. We help your organization
create a culture of time consciousness which in turn improves overall customer service through fast response time.

We already have some of the solutions like integrating banks and M-Pesa to Sage Evolution, Quick Books and Zoho books among others. We however do not shy away from challenges and therefore if you have a custom system that you want integrated to either payments,sms or any other service please reach us and we’ll be glad to help.

Our Mission

To help companies and individuals automate most of the routine tasks so that they can create more time to address other challenges.

Our Vision

To be the most preferred custom integration company in Africa.

Focus Areas

Task Automation

We believe systems should share data where possible and humans should just oversee and dedicate their time to more challenging tasks. ​

Customer Satisfaction

Through automating redundant tasks, staff members will have more time to serve customers especially those that require one on one attention. Customers will also be informed on time in case of automations sending customers results from human initiated processes.

How can we be of service?

For all inquiries reach us via +254791-962-031 or Email info@techkisima.com

Our Portfolio

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