Bio-metric door access control and time attendance installation

Helps in recording employees clock in and clock out in order to evaluate their attendance patterns. The solution is suitable for all organisations irrespective of the staff capacity. Installation
and configuration takes 2 to 3 days.

Facebook , Google ppc Ads campaigns creation and optimization

Amplify your online presence by having us create informative and optimized Facebook and Google ppc Ads that can be tracked through conversions.

Local file backup Server Setup

Local file backup is very crucial especially for storing scanned documents, with samba this can be implemented and accessed as an extra drive on the PC or any other system.

On premise server setup with ESxi

We are experienced in setting up Esxi on an on premise server and creating virtual machines based on your company needs. The virtual machines can be used to run backups, istall and run systems accessible via terminal for linux or remote desktop protocol (RDP) local file server or replication server to ensure there are no data inconsistencies between a remote and local database among other uses.

Website development and integration with payment

To create an online presence you need a well optimized and responsive website, we can help you develop one either static (content does not change over long period of time) or dynamic (content changes frequently). If you already have an E-commerce website instead of signing up for a payment gateway and get charged to receive cash, we can integrate M-Pesa as the main payment mode and have the cash sent to either your Till or Paybill No. directly by your customers.

Scheduled data backup to cloud for systems like ( Quickbooks desktop , Sage Evolution, custom POS solutions)

In order to easily recover from system crash or address data issues it’s recommendable to store multiple local and cloud data backups. At Tech kisima we can setup the same for you in so that in case of any data loss you can easily within a maximum of ten minutes get back on track.


CCTV systems with mobile phone monitoring

This are useful in monitoring realtime occurrences. They can be used as nanny cameras among other uses.

Electric fencing & razor wires

Helps to trigger the alarm in fenced environment.

Gsuite setup and administration

As a business emails are very important since they serve as the primary method of official communication. Gsuite setup allows a client to use google drive , Gmail, Sheets and other apps billed monthly. This setup can be done within 48 hours.


Automated gates with remote control operation

Fire alarms and equipments

Local area Network setup

Automatic entrance barriers, spikes and bollards

Automatic and manual alarms with SMS notifications

Automatic and manual alarms with SMS notifications

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